Lurex® brand awareness

For over 70 years, Lurex® has been the leading worldwide brand for metallic and a guarantee of quality for your customers. Subject to our approval, you can benefit from the high global awareness of the Lurex® brand name in your garments labels.

Lurex® quality

All Lurex® yarns are produced to meet our strict quality standards and meet the technical requirements of the most demanding production processes. All Lurex® yarns are made to comply with the latest safety and quality regulations.


Lurex® innovation

Lurex® adds brilliance and creativity to enhance innovation and design. We are continuously researching new materials and technologies to help you to create new concepts and effects in fabrics and garments. We want our yarns to inspire you.

Lurex® service

We provide a stock service of the largest range of metallic yarns in the world, but we are also very pleased to work on special developments tailored to your needs. If you can provide us with details of the end use and your technical requirements, our sales and technical team will be happy to work with you on new solutions.

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